This function returns a URL-encoded version of the string parameter. This is similar to the url function but it only encodes characters that are not 7-bit clean (ASCII). Therefore this function can be called repeatedly on the same string.

If the url function is used to double encode a string, every % character is encoded to %25.

Type and Usage


The only parameter is the string.


Returns a string formatted for use in a URL.


<$path = "mÿ fïlë.txt"$>
20fïlë.txt = <$url(path)$>
mÿ%2520fïlë.txt = <$url(url(path))$>
m%ff%20f%efl%eb.txt = <$urlEscape7Bit(url(path))$>
m%ff%20f%efl%eb.txt= <$urlEscape7Bit(urlEscape7Bit(url(path)))$>

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