Specifies the style of the value for the metadata field.

The following SPAN styles are typically used for values. They are defined in the std_style_declaration include in the ucm_home_dir/shared/config/resources/std_page.htm resource file:

  • tableEntry

  • xxsmall

  • strongHighlight

Type and Usage


Returns the name of the value style.


Sets the value style:

<$if isFieldInfoOnly$>
    <$if valueStyle$>
        <$fieldValueStyle = valueStyle$>
        <$fieldValueStyle = "tableEntry"$>

Uses the xxsmall style for the field value when the Download applet is used:

<$if useDownloadApplet$>
    <$valueStyle="xxsmall", fieldValue = strTrimWs(inc("download_file_by_    applet_form_content"))$>
    <$fieldValue = strTrimWs(inc("doc_file_get_copy"))$>

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