Enables Dynamic Converter.

This value is set to FALSE during initial Content Server installation.

This value is set to TRUE during Dynamic Converter installation.

Default is FALSE.

Type and Usage


  • System Properties, Options tab, Enable Dynamic Converter

  • Admin Server, General Configuration, Enable Dynamic Converter

  • IntradocDir/config/config.cfg


As a configuration setting, enables Dynamic Converter functionality:


As script, used to evaluate whether dynamic converter functionality is enabled:

<$if IsDynamicConverterEnabled and isTrue(IsDynamicConverterEnabled)$>
      <td align="center" width="75">
        <a href="<$HttpCgiPath$>?IdcService=GET_TEMPLATE_CONVERSIONS">
          <img src="<$HttpImagesRoot$><$admin_conversion_image$>" border="0"         width="<$adminImageWidth$>" height="<$adminImageHeight$>"></a>
      <td width="10">&nbsp;
      <td width="245"><span class=largeTableEntry>
        <a href="<$HttpCgiPath$>?IdcService=GET_TEMPLATE_CONVERSIONS">         <$lc("wwTemplateConversions")$></span></a>