Used to control the number of links submitted to Site Studio during a refresh process. By default, the batch size value is set to 100.

Depending on the value, this configuration variable can make the refresh processes more (or less) receptive to an abort request. The calculation for LkRefreshErrorsAllowed is completed after, not during, each batch process. Therefore, the lower the value for LkRefreshBatchSize, the more likely it is that the refresh activity will promptly terminate because the number of allowed errors is more quickly exceeded.

If you are using Site Studio, LkRefreshBatchSize enables you to have better control over the refresh abort option than using the combined LkRefreshErrorPercent and LkRefreshErrorThreshold settings. For example, if you set the percent value to 5 and the threshold value to 20, you would expect the refresh activity to abort after the first error. However, Link Manager might actually process more than one error before aborting.

The reason for this is that during refresh activities, all the links recognized as Site Studio links (or those requiring Site Studio processing) are grouped and sent to Site Studio as a batch. Consequently, refreshes are more efficient, but abort requests are unresponsive during this time because Site Studio is unaware of aborts and total error counts.

However, Site Studio is aware of the number of errors it has encountered in the current batch. For this reason, the Link Manager's abort calculation can not take place in all situations and the error configuration values (percent and threshold) are simply suggestions to Link Manager for when an abort should occur. Using LkRefreshBatchSize, however, enables you to more accurately control the abort receptivity during refresh activities that involve Site Studio link batches.

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