5.4 Using the Command Line

The ComponentTool component enables administrators to use a command line to install, enable, and disable components. This component is installed (enabled) with Content Server.

When Oracle UCM is deployed, the ComponentTool launcher is installed by default for UNIX and Windows. The executable is located in the DomainHome/ucm/cs/bin/ directory.





Component Tool supports the commands listed in Table 5-2.

Table 5-2 ComponentTool Commands

Task Command

Install a component (also automatically enables the component)

ComponentTool --install path/component_name

Enable a component

ComponentTool --enable component_name

Enable a component

ComponentTool --disable component_name

List enabled components

ComponentTool --list-enabled

List disabled components

ComponentTool --list-disabled

List all components

ComponentTool --list

Access ComponentTool help

ComponentTool --help