6.2 Oracle Secure Enterprise Search

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) 11g enables a secure, high quality, easy-to-use search across all enterprise information assets. If you have a license to use Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 11g, the OracleTextSearch component enables the use of this technology as the primary full-text search engine for Oracle Universal Content Management (Oracle UCM).

For details, see Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Administrator's Guide.


Documents using Need To Know component security can not be configured for use with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search.

6.2.1 Configuring Oracle SES and Oracle UCM

To configure Oracle SES 11g as an external search engine for Oracle UCM 11g, follow these steps:


If you are already using a search engine other than Oracle SES with Oracle UCM, such as that set up on the Oracle UCM Post Configuration page, and you want to change the search engine to Oracle SES, then you must create a new database provider and configure Oracle SES for Oracle UCM using that provider.
  1. After installing Oracle SES, edit the file $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/sqlnet.ora to comment out the following two lines:

  2. If Oracle SES is running, shut it down (mid-tier and database):

    $ORACLE_HOME/bin/searchctl stopall
  3. Start the database:

    $ORACLE_HOME/bin/searchctl start_backend
  4. Find database connection information for later use in the following file:

  5. Run the Oracle Fusion Middleware Repository Creation Utility (RCU) against Oracle SES and create the OCSEARCH schema.

    OCSEARCH sets only the search portion of a database already set up by RCU with Oracle SES.

  6. Perform a standard Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite installation and Oracle UCM installation.


    Do not complete the postconfiguration steps on the Oracle UCM Post Configuration page, because the page sets up a regular database configuration. For instructions on performing the Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite installation and Oracle UCM configuration, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite.
  7. Create a new DataSource (WLS_Data_Source) in Oracle WebLogic Server to connect to Oracle SES.

  8. On the Oracle UCM Post Configuration page, click Select External in Full Text Search options, then enter the DataSource name.

  9. Restart Oracle UCM.