7.1 Introduction to Migration Tools and Components

This section provides conceptual, reference, and step-by-step information for the tasks needed to migrate both the content and structure of one Content Server to another. It provides information about the following migration tools:

  • The Configuration Migration Utility component: Used to select elements of your Content Server instance to migrate to another instance.

  • Archiver: A Java applet used to transfer and reorganize content server files and information. The archiver can be used with the migration utility to migrate a complete content server, including content, from one system to another.

  • Folder Archiving: Used to migrate the folder structure of your Content Server from one location to another.

  • The FolderStructureArchive component: Used to copy the folder structure (and its content) and create an exact copy on another computer. It ensures that the folder copies and respective contents remain synchronized across different systems.

  • The ArchiverReplicationExceptions component: A Content Server component that is used to prevent failed imports from stopping replication.