2.7 Viewing MBean Information for Oracle UCM Content Server

You can use the MBean browser to view MBean attribute information about Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) Content Server.

Figure 2-10 Oracle UCM System MBean Browser Page

This illustration is described in surrounding text.

To view MBean information

  1. In the navigation tree, expand the appropriate domain name (for example, UCM_ucm_domain).

  2. Expand Content Management, then Universal Content Management, then Content Server.

  3. Select the Content Server instance name (for example, Oracle Content Server (UCM_server1)). The home page for your Oracle Content Server instance displays.

  4. From the UCM menu on the Oracle Content Server page, select System MBean Browser.

    The System MBean Browser page displays. This page shows the navigation pane with the UCM server name highlighted, and shows configuration MBean application deployment information for a UCM Content Server.

    You can use the MBean browser to view or modify individual MBean attribute values, and to invoke MBean operations. Select the MBean and the attribute you want to view or modify. If you change an attribute value, click Apply.

For more information see "Understanding WebLogic Server MBeans" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Developing Custom Management Utilities With JMX for Oracle WebLogic Server.