3.6 Installing Components

Server components for Content Server are installed by default, however, custom components and components downloaded from Oracle Technology Network must be installed and enabled before they can be used.


If you only need to enable or disable an installed component, see "Enabling and Disabling Components".

You can install components using one of several methods:

Before installing a component, you must first download it to your instance. A component cannot be downloaded unless it meets the following requirements:

  • The component must exist outside of the IdcHomeDir/system directory (that is, DomainHome/ucm/idc/system). This excludes all packaged components unless a patch has been uploaded to a component.

  • The compoment must have a zip file with the appropriate name and be located inside the custom component or core component directory.

3.6.1 Using Component Manager

Follow these steps to install the component using the Component Manager:

  1. Select Admin Server from the Administration Menu.

    The Admin Server page is displayed with the Advanced Component Manager screen.

  2. Click the Browse button and find the zip file that was downloaded and saved.

  3. Highlight the component name and click Open.

  4. Click Install. A message is displayed, detailing what will be installed.

  5. Click Continue to continue with installation or Cancel to stop installation.

  6. If you select Continue, a message appears after successful installation. You can choose one of two options:

    • To enable the component and restart the Content Server.

    • To return to the Component Manager, where you can continue adding components. When done, highlight the components you want to enable and click Enable. When finished enabling components, restart the server.

3.6.2 Using Component Wizard

Follow these steps to install the component using the Component Wizard:

  1. Start the Component Wizard:

    • (Windows) Select Start, then Programs, then Oracle Content Server, then your content server , then Utilities, then Component Wizard.

    • (UNIX) Run the ComponentWizard script in the /bin directory.

    The Component Wizard main screen and the Component List screens are displayed.

  2. On the Component List screen, click Install.

    The Install screen is displayed.

  1. Click Select.

  2. Navigate to the zip file that was downloaded and saved and select it.

  3. Click Open.

    The zip file contents are added to the Install screen list.

  4. Click OK. You are prompted to enable the component.

  5. Click Yes. The component is listed as enabled on the Component List screen.

  6. Exit the Component Wizard.

  7. Restart Content Server.

Depending on the component being installed, a new menu option appears in the Administration tray or on the Admin Applet page. Some components simply extend existing functionality and do not appear as separate new options. See the component's documentation for details.

3.6.3 Using ComponentTool

Run the ComponentTool utility and specify the zip file for the component to install and enable: