2.3 Additional Changes

Additional changes include the following:

  • The directory structure of an installed Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) instance has changed. Unlike in Release 10gR3, runtime files, configuration files, and files that must be shared between clustered Content Server instances, server configuration files, and file store may be in various locations. The following locations and terms are important to understanding an Oracle UCM 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) installation. References to install_dir have been changed to one of the following:

    • IdcHomeDir: Refers to the directory in ECM_ORACLE_HOME where the Oracle UCM (ucm) server media is located. The server media can run Content Server, Inbound Refinery, or Universal Records Management

    • DomainHome: Refers to the user-specified directory where an Oracle UCM server is deployed to run on an Oracle WebLogic Server application server. The DomainHome/ucm/short-product-id/bin directory contains the intradoc.cfg file and executables.

    • short-product-id: An abbreviated name for the type of Oracle UCM server deployed on an Oracle WebLogic Server. Possible values include:

      • cs (Content Server)

      • ibr (Inbound Refinery)

      • urm (Universal Records Management)

    • IntradocDir: Refers to the root directory for configuration and data files for a Content Server instance deployed in an Oracle UCM domain on an Oracle WebLogic Server. This Idoc Script variable is configured for one type of Content Server instance: Content Server, or Inbound Refinery, or Universal Records Management. This directory can be located elsewhere, but the default location is DomainHome/ucm/short-product-id/.