1.11 About Oracle IRM Fields and Watermarks in Sealed Documents

If you are an author of sealed documents, you can add Oracle IRM fields to your document sources before sealing. When someone opens a sealed document that contains Oracle IRM fields, the fields help to remind the reader that the document is sensitive. Oracle IRM fields used as watermarks can help to make a printed copy of the document traceable in the event that it falls into the wrong hands.

You can use Oracle IRM fields in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. See "Working With Oracle IRM Fields and Watermarks".

For these applications, you can also create templates that contain a set of Oracle IRM fields, and apply them consistently to new documents. For example, in Microsoft Word, you can create a sealed Word template that contains the fields in headers and footers, and use that template to create a new sealed document.

When viewing the unsealed source, the fields appear as field names or placeholder strings. However, when sealed and viewed with Oracle IRM Desktop available, the fields are transformed to contain the relevant data. For example, irm-account-name might be transformed to John.Smith, the name of the user who opens a particular copy of a sealed document.