4.8 Printing Sealed Documents

This section covers the following topics:

4.8.1 About Printing Sealed Documents

There are two print rights for sealed documents, the Print right and the Print To File right. See "About Rights". If you have one of these rights for a particular sealed document, you can print it as if it were an unsealed document. If you do not have a print right for a document, the relevant print menu options and toolbars are disabled.

4.8.2 Printing a Sealed Document


To send a sealed document to a printer, you need the Print to File right or the Print right. To print a sealed document to a file, you need the Print to File right. The Print to File right includes the Print right. See "About Rights".

Use the following procedure to print a sealed document:

  1. Using the usual application for the document type, open the document that you want to print.

  2. Use the usual method for printing a document. For example, select the File menu, then select Print.