4.6 Unsealing Sealed Documents

This section covers the following topics:

4.6.1 About Unsealing Sealed Documents

If you have sufficient rights, you can unseal a sealed document (that is, you can make an unsealed copy of a sealed document). The unsealed document can then be used without restrictions. The rights to do this are usually given only for relatively non-sensitive documents.

4.6.2 Unsealing a Sealed Document


To unseal a sealed document, you need the Save Unsealed right. See "About Rights".

Use the following procedure to unseal a document:

  1. Either:

    Open the sealed document in its normal application and, from the File menu, select Save As.


    Right-click the document in Windows Explorer and select Unseal.

  2. In the Files of Type drop-down box, select an unsealed file type.

  3. If required, change the location and name of the document, then click Save.