1 Introduction

This section provides an introduction to the information in this guide. It covers the following topics:

1.1 Product Overview

This installation and user guide is intended for system administrators who need to install the Kofax Capture component. System administrators will also use this guide to configure Kofax index fields, Oracle Content Server check-in parameters, and output file settings. Instructions for using Adobe Acrobat Capture and setting global options are also provided. This guide assumes that the product has been installed correctly and that you are familiar with Oracle products in general the overall architecture of Oracle Content Server.

1.2 Software Requirements

The information is subject to change as the product technology evolves and as hardware, operating systems, and third-party software programs are created, updated, or otherwise modified.

This section covers the following topics:

1.2.1 Compatibility with Oracle Content Server

The Kofax Capture 11gR1 component is compatible with Oracle Content Server 11gR1.

1.2.2 Compatibility with Kofax Capture

The Kofax Capture Export Connector 11gR1 component is compatible with Kofax Ascent Capture 6.1, 7.0, and 8.0. Earlier versions of Kofax Ascent Capture are not supported. For a full list of Ascent Capture 6 limitations (including maximum number of pages in a batch, maximum number of zones on a page, and maximum sizes of zones) and additional application notes, please reference the applicable Kofax support site.

1.2.3 Compatibility with Adobe Acrobat Capture

The Kofax Capture Export Connector 11gR1 component is compatible with Adobe Acrobat Capture 3.0.