5.2 Obtaining User and Group Names

The IRM web services typically returns user and group GUID values rather than user and group names. Rather than having to perform direct lookups of user and group names against the identity store, the Oracle IRM web services includes a user and group lookup mechanism. The web service method takes a list of GUID values (in the form of AccountRef types) and returns the user or group name. The following code example shows the domain administrator user names being looked up with the listAccountDetails web service operation.

DomainOperations domainOperations = new DomainOperationsService().getDomainOperations();
AccountRef[] accounts = domainOperations.listDomainAdministrators(domainReference);
Account[] results = domainOperations.listAccountDetails(accounts);
for(Account account : results)
    System.out.println(account.getName() + " : " + account.getType());

To call this method the authenticated user must have the domain administrator, domain manager, inspector, or context manager roles in any domain.