What's New in This Guide

This section identifies the changes made to this guide for this release.

For changes made to JDeveloper and ADF for this release, see the New Features page on the Oracle Technology Network at http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/collateral/papers/11/newfeatures/index.html.

Documentation Changes for Release

The following table shows the sections that were revised or added for this release.

Sections Change Description
Chapter 5 Defining SQL Queries Using View Objects
Section 5.11.1, "How to Create Named View Criteria Declaratively" Revised procedure to describe support for new Between/Not Between operators.
Chapter 11 Integrating Service-Enabled Application Modules  
Section 11.3.4, "How to Configure the Service-Backed Business Components Runtime" Added subsection to describe ADF web service support for SOAP transport protocol.
Chapter 17 Using Task Flows as Regions  
Section 17.6.1, "How to Configure Activation of an ADF Region" Revised section to explain how a task flow running inside an ADF region can now be deactivated at runtime.
Section 17.4, "Specifying Parameters for ADF Regions Using Parameter Maps" Revised section to describe how you create a parameter map to supply input parameters for an ADF region.
Chapter 18 Creating Complex Task Flows  
Section 18.6.3, "How to Designate Custom Code as an Exception Handler" Revised section to describe how you can designate custom code as the exception handling activity for a task flow.
Chapter 25 Creating Databound Selection Lists and Shuttles  
Section 25.2, "Creating List of Values (LOV)" Revised section to describe the behavior of smart list filters and auto suggest in List of Value (LOV) components.. Also mentioned support for displaying custom content in LOV Search and Select dialog.
Chapter 39 Allowing User Customizations at Runtime  
Section 35.1, "Introduction to Allowing User Customizations" Revised section to describe the restriction on persisting changes to a component that is contained inside (anywhere in the subtree) of af:forEach or af:iterator tags.
Section 35.4.2, "What Happens at Runtime: How Changes Are Persisted and Restored" Revised section to clarifythe difference between running a customized application locally against Integrated WebLogic Server and deploying to a test or production environment.
Chapter 41 Tuning Application Module Pools and Connection Pools  
Section 41.3.2, "What You May Need to Know About Database User State and jbo.doconnectionpooling = true" Revised section to describe new flag that you can set to keep objects in memory during application module state passivation.