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Oracle® Business Intelligence Applications New Features Guide

Part Number E16811-01
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3 PeopleSoft Chartfields for Oracle BI Applications

This chapter describes the new PeopleSoft chartfields for Oracle BI Applications.

3.1 New PeopleSoft Chartfields

In PeopleSoft Enterprise applications, the fields that store your chart of accounts and provide your system with the basic structure to segregate and categorize transactional and budget data are called chartfields. With the release, Oracle BI Applications is increasing the number of supported chartfields for PeopleSoft Enterprise.

The following table shows the chartfields available before release and the chartfields added to release

Pre- Release Chartfields New Chartfields
  • Account
  • Alternate Account

  • Operating Unit

  • Fund Code

  • Department

  • Program Code

  • Class Field

  • Budget Reference

  • Product

  • Project

  • Affiliate

  • Fund Affiliate

  • Operating Unit Affiliate

  • ChartField 1

  • ChartField 2

  • ChartField 3

  • Statistics Code

  • PC Business Unit
  • Activity ID

  • Analysis Type

  • Resource Type

  • Resource Category

  • Resource Sub Category

3.1.1 Configuring the New Chartfields

To use the six new Projects-related chartfields, the DAC parameter $$INCLUDE_PROJ_CHARTFIELDS must be set to 'Y' and a full ETL needs to be run.

If you do not use these chartfields, then you can set the parameter $$INCLUDE_PROJ_CHARTFIELDS to a default value 'N' in DAC.

This parameter is located in the Source System Parameters tab in the PeopleSoft container.


At any point, if you change this parameter value, then a full load ETL needs to be run.