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Oracle® Business Intelligence Applications New Features Guide

Part Number E16811-01
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4 Enhanced Support for PeopleSoft Product/Purchasing Categories

This chapter is for customers using Oracle Procurement and Spend Analytics with a PeopleSoft source system. In Oracle BI Applications Release, Procurement and Spend Analytics supports reporting by Product/Purchasing Category hierarchy for organizations that use Product/Purchasing Category to create requisition and purchase orders.

This chapter contains the following topics:

4.1 About Product/Purchasing Categories in PeopleSoft

In PeopleSoft Enterprise applications, Product/Purchasing Category hierarchies are stored in trees. A PeopleSoft Enterprise application user chooses a tree and then assigns a category from that tree to an item using the Create Requisition option from the eProcurement menu.

4.2 Configuration Required to Enable Reporting on Product/Purchasing Categories

The default value of TREE_NAME in the PeopleSoft source system is ALL_PURCHASE_ITEMS. If your organization has not changed the value of TREE_NAME to another value, and you want to report by this TREE_NAME, then no additional configuration is required to report on Product/Purchasing Category hierarchies.

If your organization has changed the default value of TREE_NAME, then you need to perform the following tasks described in this section.

Use the following SQL query to extract the tree names from the PeopleSoft Enterprise application to confirm the value of TREE_NAME:


To enable business intelligence reporting on Product/Purchasing Categories, use DAC to configure the following tasks:

In both of these tasks, set the value of the $$TREE_NAME1 variable to the tree name that you want to use for reporting, and then save your changes.