JCA Event Generator and Control User Guide

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Using the JCA Event Generator

The JCA event generator is one of the Oracle WebLogic Integration event generators that you can create from the Oracle WebLogic Integration Administration Console.

The JCA event generator listens for messages that are received via EIS-specific resource adapters from the EIS and publishes the messages to Oracle WebLogic Integration via the Message Broker. For example, these messages could be triggered because of events like polling for new or changed records in a table in Oracle E-Business Suite using the Oracle Applications Adapter or these messages could be triggered when messages are dequeued from Oracle Advanced Queueing using Oracle AQ Adapter.

This section provides information about:


Before You Start

Before you create a JCA event generator,

Creating a Connection Factory

Oracle WebLogic Server defines two default connection factories, which can be looked up using the following JNDI names:

You can use these default connection factories when you configure the JCA event generator or you can configure new connection factories based on the requirements of your environment. For more information, see Configuring Basic JMS System Resources and Configure connection factories.

Creating a Work Manager

When you create an event generator, you need to specify a dispatch policy for the event generator. A dispatch policy refers to the instance of Oracle WebLogic Server Work Manager that you want to use with the event generator. Oracle WebLogic Server lets you configure how your application prioritizes the execution of its work by defining work managers. After you define the rules and constraints for your application when you define a Work Manger, you can apply it either globally to a Oracle WebLogic Server domain or to a specific application component.

You can use the default Work Manager or, based on your requirements, you can override the default work manager by defining global work managers or application-scoped work managers. For information about work managers, see Using Work Managers to Optimize Scheduled Work and Create Work Manager in the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console Online Help.


Creating a JCA Event Generator

To create a JCA event generator:

  1. Login to Oracle WebLogic Integration Administration Console using the following URL:
  2. http://<host>:<port>/wliconsole

    The Oracle WebLogic Integration Administration Console home page appears.

    Note: You must be logged in as a member of the Administrators, IntegrationAdministrators, or IntegrationOperators group to create, change, or delete event generators. For more information, see “About WebLogic Integration Users, Groups, Roles, and Security Policies” in User Management in Using Worklist Console.
  3. Click Event Generators.
  4. Click Create New in the JCA section.
  5. The Create a New JCA Event Generator page appears.

  6. Enter a unique name for the event generator
  7. Enter the location of a resource adapter service WSDL file that contains the binding information.
  8. Based on your requirements, the service can be an Oracle Applications adapter service, an Oracle AQ adapter service, an Oracle Application Adapter for SAP R/3 service. For more information, see Creating Oracle Applications Adapter Services, Creating Oracle AQ Adapter Services, and the Oracle Application Adapter for SAP R/3 User's Guide.

  9. Enter the JNDI name of the JMS connection factory used to publish incoming messages via the Message Broker and click Next.
  10. You can use any existing JMS connection factory or you can create a connection factory based on your requirement. For more information, see Creating a Connection Factory.

  11. Select the port name associated with the operations that you need to do.
  12. Select the name of the operation for which event messages need to be registered.
  13. Event messages received for this operation are published to the channel associated with this event generator.

    The port name and operations are based on the WSDL specified for the event generator.

  14. Select the dispatch policy for the event generator.
  15. You can use any existing policy or create a global work manager based on your requirement. For more information, see Creating a Work Manager.

  16. Click Submit.

You must now define a channel for the event generator. For more information, see Defining a Channel Rule.


Defining a Channel Rule

To define a channel rule for a JCA event generator:

  1. Click Define a New Channel Rule.

  2. Specify a channel name.
  3. Enter a brief description of the channel.
  4. Specify the user credentials that should be used while publishing the events.
  5. Click Submit.

The channel is created and associated with the JCA event generator.


Managing Event Generators and Channel Rules

For information about generic tasks that are relevant to the JCA event generator and all WLI event generators, see:

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