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Class DataForwardAction

  extended by org.apache.struts.action.Action
      extended by oracle.adf.controller.struts.actions.DataAction
          extended by oracle.adf.controller.struts.actions.DataForwardAction
All Implemented Interfaces:

Deprecated. Use equivalent classes in oracle.adf.controller.v2

public class DataForwardAction
extends DataAction

DataForwardAction implements an easy-to-override Lifecycle for a "data page", which is the logical pairing of a page that renders information from the model, and a "companion" DataForwardAction that forwards to that page. Since by convention a "data page" always posts/links back to itself, its companion DataForwardAction both prepares the model for rendering as well as handles events submitted by that page.

Following after the default Struts PageForwardAction, the page to which the DataForwardAction forwards is noted in the parameter property of the Struts ActionMapping.

Currently DataForwardAction is used as a marker class so the Struts design time can properly maintain the parameter property for the companion page. Actions implemented by classes that are an instance of DataAction but not an instance of DataForwardAction will not have their parameter property set. In the future, there may be new functionality that is DataForwardAction specific.

Field Summary
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defaultLocale, servlet
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Constructor Detail


public DataForwardAction()

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