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Managing Email Marketing Users

When you initially subscribe to the Email Marketing On Demand service, a single Email Marketing administrator is created for your company. This administrator can then add more users and can designate these users as administrators or authors.

Before a user can be added to Email Marketing On Demand, they must:

  • already exist as a user within Siebel CRM On Demand
  • have the required privileges associated with their Siebel CRM On Demand role.

Email Marketing On Demand privileges can be added to any user role.

There are three Siebel CRM On Demand privileges associated with Email Marketing On Demand, depending on how you use the application. Table 2 describes these privileges.

Table 2. Email Marketing Privileges

Email Marketing: Administer Email Marketing

Enables access to Manage Email Marketing Campaigns, view Usage Statistics, and manage Users.

Email Marketing: Author Email Marketing

Enables the Setup Email button on the campaign header detail screen.

Email Marketing: Manage Email Marketing Access

Enables a link to Email Marketing Administration on the Siebel CRM On Demand Administration page.

Published: 05 March 2008