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Oracle® Communications Service Broker System Administrator's Guide
Release 5.0

Part Number E15183-01
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3 Starting and Stopping the Stand-alone Administration Console

This chapter describes how to start and stop the Stand-alone Administration Console:

Starting the Stand-Alone Administration Console

To start the Stand-alone Administration Console:

  1. Login to the physical machine where the Stand-alone Administration Console is installed.


    You must be logged in as a user that has read and write privileges on the shared file-system where the domain configuration for the installation you are going to use is stored.
  2. Change directory to:


    Where Oracle_home is the Oracle Home directory you defined when you installed the product.

  3. Enter:

    ./ Domain_configuration_directory

    Where Domain_configuration_directory is the path to the domain configuration directory.

Stopping the Stand-Alone Administration Console

To stop the Stand-alone Administration Console, use the Administration Console itself. See Oracle Communications Service Broker Configuration Guide.