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Oracle® Communications Service Broker System Administrator's Guide
Release 5.0

Part Number E15183-01
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4 Starting and Stopping Web Administration Console Servers

This chapter describes how to start and stop Web Administration Console servers:

Starting the Web Administration Console Server

To start a Web Administration Console server:

  1. Login to the physical server where your software is installed.


    You must be logged in as a user that has read and write privileges on the shared file-system where the domain configuration for the installation you are going to use is stored.
  2. Change directory to:


    Where Oracle_home is the Oracle Home directory you defined when you installed the product.

  3. Enter:

    ./ Domain_configuration_directory

    where Domain_configuration_directory is the path to the domain configuration directory.


    ./ ../mydomain

  4. When prompted for Username and Password, enter the authentication information to use during the Web Administration Console login procedure.

Logging In to the Web Administration Console

To log in to the Web Administration Console:

  1. Open your Web browser.

  2. Enter the URL:



  3. If it is the first time you are logging in to the Web Administration Console, you are prompted to accept the certificate provided in the keystore. This is done differently depending on which Web browser you use. It also depends on whether a self-signed certificate is used or the certificate was provided by a certificate authority.

  4. When prompted, enter the username and password.

    The authentication information must exactly match the information provided when the Web Administration Console server was started (see "Starting the Web Administration Console Server").

Stopping the Web Administration Console Server

Stop the Web Administration Console server using the Web Administration Console. See Oracle Communications Service Broker Configuration Guide.

About Setting Up Security for the Web Administration Console Server Security

The Web Administration Console authenticates with the Processing Servers and the Signaling Servers. It also authenticates with the Web Administration Console.

For information about setting up security for the Web Administration Console Server, see Chapter 1, "Configuring Security."