A.1 Features and Constraints Mapped to Oracle IRM Desktop Rights


Information about the use of features as rights by Oracle IRM Desktop users is included in the Oracle IRM Desktop help, in the section About Rights.
Feature or constraint Description Equivalent right in Oracle IRM Desktop
Accessibility Relaxes protection of sealed files so the use of accessibility tools and features are not blocked for sealed files. It does this by turning off program protection, screen capture protection, and keyboard protection in the file. Accessibility
Annotate Add comments to sealed Word and Excel documents. Annotate
Constraint: Exporting Content set to "Allow with no restrictions" Copy the contents of a sealed file to the unprotected clipboard

Create an unsealed copy of a sealed document.


Save Unsealed

Constraint: Exporting Content set to "Allow with restrictions" Controlled use of the clipboard while working on sealed documents.

Copy information between documents that are sealed to the same context.

Copy information from the current document to a document in a trusted context.

Change the context that a document is sealed to.

Make a copy of a document in a different context.

Copy To

Reseal To (not associated with the Reseal feature or Reseal right)

Edit Edit the contents of the sealed file and control change tracking. Edit
Edit Tracked Edit the contents of the sealed file with all changes tracked. Edit Tracked
Formulae View formulae (formulas). Formulae
Interact Enter data in form fields (Word) and unprotected cells (Excel). Interact
Open Open and read a sealed file. Open
Print Print the contents of a sealed file. Print
Print To File Print the contents of a sealed file to a file or virtual print device, such as Acrobat. Print To File
Program Access content programmatically via the document object model. Program
Reply Edit the contents of sealed email and control change tracking. Reply
Reply Tracked Edit the contents of the sealed email with all changes tracked. Reply Tracked
Reseal Save changes to a sealed file. Reseal

This is not associated with the Reseal To facility in Oracle IRM Desktop. Reseal To is an implementation of Copy To (see above).

Screen Capture Capture the contents of a sealed file with 'Print Screen'. Screen Capture
Seal Create a new sealed file or seal an existing file. Seal
Search Search sealed files. Search
Set Item Code Users of Oracle IRM Desktop are allowed to provide item codes when creating or saving sealed content. Without this option, sealed content is allocated an automatic item code. Set Item Code