7.2 Creating a Right


Only context managers can perform this procedure.


This procedure requires access to the external directory of users that was referenced during installation of Oracle IRM Server. See "Access to User Details".

Context managers create a right by assigning a role to a user or group within a context.

Use the following procedure to create a right:

  1. Click the Contexts tab to reveal the Contexts page.

  2. On the left panel of the Contexts page, select the context in which you want to create rights.

  3. On the right panel of the Contexts page, select the Rights tab.

  4. Click the Assign Role button.

  5. Complete the Assign Role wizard, noting the following:

    • On the Users/Groups page, you can select either users or groups. If you want to set up rights for both users and groups within the current context, use the wizard one time for users and a second time for groups.

    • You can select multiple users or groups to be granted the right, but you will be assigning the same role (on the Role page of the wizard) to all of them.

    • On the Role page of the wizard, you can view the features of a candidate role by selecting it from the Add Role drop-down list. The features are shown in the Selected Role Details area.

    • On the Role page of the wizard, a documents section will be visible for roles that allow access only to named documents. In this case, you must select a specific set of sealed documents to be associated with this right. These documents are the only ones that can be accessed. Use the Browse button to find a sealed document, then click the Add button to associate the document with this right.

    • Use the Review page to check that all the details for the right are as you want them. If there is anything that you want to change, use the Back button to return to previous pages and make the required changes.

    • When you are satisfied with the details on the Review page, create the new right by clicking Finish.