3.7 Setting Font Variables

Using unsupported fonts in your documents can cause the document to be unreadable, create incorrect text formatting, or cause shifting of data on text documents, including potentially exposing redacted content. For example, a redaction annotation is laid on top of a document. If that document is rendered using fonts on one system and the redaction is placed over a word based on the rendering, different fonts on a different system may cause the document text to render in a slightly different position. It would be possible for the data hidden beneath a redaction annotation to move and be exposed.

To help ensure that rendered text does not mistakenly shift beneath a redaction, ensure that all client machines being used to place redactions have the same fonts as the I/PM server. This allows the OutsideIn rendering engine to render the document using the same fonts as the client machine used to place the redaction. Once a TIFF image of the redacted file is rendered, redactions and text are displayed as an image, without use of fonts, unless a person has the proper security rights to see redacted text. This ensures that a user cannot try to force text to shift below a redaction by deleting a font and attempting to view the document, because the viewed document has already been converted to an image.

If running I/PM on a UNIX system, ensure that your UNIX servers are configured to use TrueType fonts (*.ttf or *.ttc files). Use WLST to set the I/PM server GDFontPath configuration MBean to include one or more paths to supported font files. If GDFontPath cannot be located, the current directory is used, which may or may not have the required fonts.


Setting the GDFontPath is required for UNIX systems only. It is not required to be set on Windows systems.

3.7.1 Configuring the AgentUser and GDFontPath MBeans

Three agents run outside of Oracle I/PM, so you need to log into the Oracle I/PM system using a standard user in the security store. Oracle I/PM assigns security to this user name, which you need to configure as the agent user, by setting the AgentUser MBean. You can also set the GDFontPath MBean.

To configure the AgentUser and GDFontPath MBeans with Fusion Middleware Control:

  1. Access the Oracle I/PM domain in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Fusion Middleware Control at the following URL:


    For example:

  2. Log in as the Administration user (for example, weblogic).

  3. In the navigation tree, expand Application Deployments, and then click imaging(

  4. On the Application Deployment menu, select System MBean Browser.

  5. On the System MBean Browser page, close the com.bea folder under Configuration MBeans.

  6. Expand the oracle.imaging folder under Application Defined MBeans.

  7. Expand the Server: IPM_server1 and config folders.

  8. Click config.

  9. Set AgentUser to agentadmin.

  10. Set GDFontPath to the location of your TTF files on the UNIX system (for example: /usr/share/X11/fonts/TTF).

  11. Click Apply.

  12. Restart the Oracle I/PM server.