4.3 Modifying an Existing Application

Once an application is created, all aspects of the application can be modified with the exceptions of which repository is used and what scale is used for decimal field definitions.


Changes to the repository DOCMETA table caused by creating, deleting, or modifying an application can potentially cause a problem on an active repository server if any other operation is also affecting the table. While this is unlikely, it can cause data loss, and so it is important to coordinate changes to an application with idle time on the Content Server repository server.

To help mitigate any potential problems, multiple Content Server repository instances can be used to isolate business units so that any one application change has less impact on the enterprise organization.


Unlike documents, definitions cannot be locked while being modified. Consequently, if the same definition is being modified at the same time by different people, only the last changes submitted are saved.

To modify an existing application, do the following:

  1. From the navigator pane, click the application name to change. The application summary page displays.

  2. Click Modify. The Application General Properties Page is displayed.

  3. In the navigation train, select the page on which to make changes. For information on the page options, see the pertinent subsection of the section "Creating An Application", or the appropriate page in the User Interface appendix.

  4. When you have changed all the appropriate settings, select Review Settings. The Application Review Settings Page is displayed.

  5. Review the application settings and ensure they are correct.

  6. Make any necessary changes by clicking Back to return to the necessary section, or click the specific section in the navigation train to return the section directly.

  7. Once you are satisfied that the application is correct, return to the Application Review Settings Page and click Submit.


Content Server cannot store null values in a numeric field. When an application containing documents is modified to have a number field, search results will display -1 for that new field on documents that were in Content Server prior to when the new field was added. When a new document is uploaded after the field is added and the number field is left blank, search results will display 0 for the number field value.