6.1 Search Overview

At the core of Oracle I/PM is the capability to define and execute searches that retrieve the relevant documents for the user. Search management allows the creation and modification of searches that other users may use to find specific documents. The ability to manage searches is controlled by the security rights that a user has to applications. This means that to ensure security, a person managing searches can be limited to creating searches by the security assigned to the applications defined in Oracle I/PM.

A search manager may only create or modify a search of applications to which the manager has view rights. If the manager does not have view rights to an application, the manager cannot create a search of that application. For a detailed description of security rights, see "Managing Security".

At a high level, creating a search involves the following:

  1. Selecting the applications to search.

  2. Configuring the fields that are displayed in the results.

  3. Selecting the conditions that comprise the where clause of the search.

  4. Customizing the parameters and the operators used in the search.

  5. Assigning security rights so that groups and individuals may use or modify the search.