A.1 Icons

The following icons are used throughout the Oracle I/PM interface without explicit identification. In some cases, as in the pencil icon, the exact use is determined by the context it is in. You can place your cursor over an icon to view identifying text about it.

Name Icon Description
Collapse or Restore Pane Collapse and Restore Pane icon Click to expose or hide a pane.
Show or Hide this Panel Show/Hide This panel icon Click to expose or hide a panel.
Create Create icon Click to create a new item. Items may be searches, application, or other.
Close Current Close Current icon Click to close a current tab or window.
More Options More Options icon Click to expand a hidden menu.
Expand Horizontally Expand Horizontally icon Click to expand an item horizontally.
Edit, Modify, or Update Edit, Modify, or Update icon Click to edit, update, or modify a value or document.