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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Package oracle.toplink.platform.database

Class Summary
AccessPlatform Purpose: Provides Microsoft Access specific behaviour.
AttunityPlatform TopLink Platform class which works with Attunity's Connect JDBC driver.
CloudscapePlatform Purpose: Provides CloudScape DBMS specific behaviour.
DatabasePlatform DatabasePlatform is private to TopLink.
DB2MainframePlatform Purpose: Provides DB2 Mainframe specific behaviour.
DB2Platform Purpose: Provides DB2 specific behaviour.
DBasePlatform Purpose: Provides DBase specific behaviour.
DerbyPlatform Purpose: Provides Derby DBMS specific behaviour.
HSQLPlatform Purpose: Provides HSQL specific behaviour.
InformixPlatform Purpose: Provides Informix specific behaviour.
JavaDBPlatform Purpose: Allows to use JavaDBPlatform as a synonym for DerbyPlatform
MySQL4Platform Purpose: Provides MySQL specific behaviour.
PointBasePlatform Support the Pointbase database.
PostgreSQLPlatform Purpose: Provides Postgres specific behaviour.
SQLAnyWherePlatform Purpose: Provides SQL Anywhere specific behaviour.
SQLServerPlatform Purpose: Provides SQL Server specific behaviour.
SybasePlatform Purpose: Provides Sybase specific behaviour.
TimesTen7Platform Purpose: Provides TimesTen 7 specific behaviour.


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