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Introduction and Roadmap

The following sections describe the contents and audience for this guide— Using the WebLogic Diagnostic Framework Console Extension for Oracle WebLogic Server:


What Is the WebLogic Diagnostic Framework Console Extension?

The WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) Console Extension is a part of the WebLogic Diagnostic Framework that provides views and tools for graphically presenting diagnostic data about servers and applications running on them. The underlying functionality for generating, retrieving, and persisting diagnostic data is provided by the WLDF framework, and the WLDF Console Extension provides additional tools for presenting that data in tables, charts, and graphs.

The WLDF Console Extension is implemented as an extension to the WebLogic Server Administration Console, using the WebLogic Server Console Extension architecture (see Oracle Fusion Middleware Extending the Administration Console for Oracle WebLogic Server).

The WLDF Console Extension is included with WebLogic Server, but you must install it manually. See Installing and Displaying the WLDF Console Extension.


Document Scope and Audience

This document describes WLDF Console Extension features and installation procedures. It is written for system administrators or anyone who wants to view graphic representations of diagnostic data for WebLogic Server instances and applications deployed to them.

It is assumed that readers are familiar with Web technologies and the operating system and platform where WebLogic Server is installed.


Guide to This Document

This document is organized as follows:


Related Documentation


New and Changed Features in this Release

For a comprehensive listing of the new WebLogic Server features introduced in this release, see “What’s New in WebLogic Server” in Oracle Fusion Middleware What’s New in Oracle WebLogic Server.

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