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Configure a policy file for a Web Service

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This page is used to configure policy files for a Web Service.

A Web Service can have zero or more policy files associated with it. WebLogic Server supports policy files that conform with either the WS-SecurityPolicy 1.2 or WS-Policy specification. WebLogic Server uses policy files to specify the details of the message-level security (digital signatures and encryption) and reliable SOAP messaging capabilities of a Web Service.

NOTE: Policy files apply to JAX-RPC Web Services only, and not to JAX-WS Web Services.

The policy file can be specified at the Web Service at the following levels:

This assistant helps you configure a policy file with the Web Service endpoint.

When programming the Web Service, use the Java Web Service (JWS) annotation @Policy inside the implementation of the Web Service to specify an associated policy file. Administrators cannot override this association using the Administration Console. Administrators can, however, associate additional policy files using assistants such as this one.

WebLogic Server includes a number of pre-packaged security policy files that you can use for configuring message-level security and reliable messaging. For more information about them, see "Configuring Message-Level Security" in Securing WebLogic Web Services.

After you have associated a policy file to a Web Service endpoint or operation, the assistant updates the application deployment plan. If the application does not currently have a configured deployment plan, the assistant creates one for you in the location you specify.

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