10.2 Implementation Notes

This section covers basic information about how URL tools are implemented in Oracle I/PM 11g. They are useful for determining what URL tools are installed on a specific server, or for maintaining installed URL tools. Because of the centralized nature of URL tool implementations in an imaging-ui project, it is easy to determine what tools are available on a particular code base. Additionally, through examination of the code, it is possible to determine the expected parameters and behavior of a particular URL tool.

This section has the following topics:

10.2.1 Access Point

The access point for the URL tools is currently the "UrlTools.jspx" page found in the following location: http://<server>:<port>/imaging/faces/Pages/UrlTools.jspx

This page invokes the backing bean method oracle.imaging.ui.backing.UrlTools.invokeUrlToolRequest(). This initiates the processing of the URL tool parameters by the URL tools infrastructure.