1.1 Overview of Integration Options

Oracle I/PM provides the following two integration options: native Java API and Web services.

Native Java API

The Oracle I/PM native Java API offers a comprehensive set of Java classes providing access to all aspects of Oracle I/PM. It is the easiest option from environments that can directly reference Java code. Because it is implemented with client-side Java code, the API provides a number of convenience utilities for common tasks such as populating data structures, searching and sorting collections, and enumerating data types. Moreover, the native Java API acts as a wrapper for Web services. In this way, an integrator can use the Java API and need not worry about the underlying Web services implementation.

Web Services

Oracle I/PM functionality is available directly as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) based Web services. These services allow access to Oracle I/PM functionality in non-Java environments that support calling Web services. All of the core functionality of the Oracle I/PM API is available in the Web service set.

Because the Oracle I/PM API is exposed as Web services, access to Oracle I/PM functionality is available to any programming environment supporting Web services. Access Oracle I/PM like any Web service by using the Oracle I/PM Web Services Description Language (WSDL) to generate implementation classes for those services.

Application Extension Framework

Oracle provides productized integrations with business applications like Oracle E-Business Suite; these integrations are enabled by the Application Extension Framework (AXF) component of I/PM. The AXF provides a command-driven, web services integration that allows administrators to configure and modify multiple business process solutions separate from the systems themselves. For more details about the AXF and AXF imaging solutions, see the E-Business Suite Adapter for Oracle Enterprise Content Management documentation.

For more details about the AXF and AXF imaging solutions, see the see the ECM adapter documentation for the business application.