3.3 Applying OWSM Security Polices to Oracle I/PM Web Services

Security policies are applied to I/PM web services from the WebLogic Server Administration Console using the following procedure.

  1. Log in to Administration Console.

  2. Click Deployments. The Summary of Deployments page is displayed.

  3. Click the plus (+) icon next to imaging in the Name column of the Deployments table. The imaging deployment expands.

  4. For each imaging web service under Web Services except DocumentContentService, do the following:

    1. Select the web service. The setting page for the service is displayed.

    2. Select the Configuration tab. The configuration tab becomes active.

    3. Select the WS-Policy tab. The WS-Policy tab becomes active.

    4. Click the web service port in the Service Endpoints and Operations column of the WS-Policy Files Associated With This Web Service table. The Configure the Policy Type for a Web Service page is displayed.

    5. Ensure OWSM is selected and click Next. Note that WebLogic polices are not supported. The Configure a WebService Policy page ID displayed.

    6. Choose a supported service policy from the Available Endpoint Policies field. Supported polices are listed in the section "Using OWSM Security Policies".

    7. Click the right arrow to move the selected policy to the Chosen Endpoint Policies field. Note that only one security policy should be selected.

    8. Click Finish. The Save Deployment Plan Assistant page is displayed.

    9. Click OK to save the deployment plan.

    10. Repeat step 4 for each web service except DocumentContentService until the same policy is applied for all services.

  5. Click Deployments to return to the Deployments page.

  6. Enable the check box next to imaging in the Name column of the Deployments table and click Update. The Update Application Assistant page is displayed with the new deployment plan specified next to Deployment plan path.

  7. Click Finish. The new policies are applied and the deployment updated.