4.2 Getting Application Properties and Field Definitions

As with list applications, the Oracle I/IPM API provides two distinct operations for getting details of the field defined for an application: ApplicationService.getApplication and DocumentService.getTargetApplication. These operations again differ by the permissions used to determine whether or not the user is allowed to get the requested application. ApplicationService.getApplication requires application view permissions. DocumentService.getTargetApplication requires document view permissions.

Application.getApplication operation is intended for use when managing the definition itself and provides a parameter for specifying which sections of the definition are desired. Sections are requested using a SectionSet, which is a container for passing in a list of SectionFlags. For example, in order to get the application's properties and field definitions sections, calling code would pass in a SectionSet defined as follows:

sectionSet =                

The DocumentService.getTargetApplication, however, returns a fixed section set that automatically includes both the properties and field definitions because these sections typically required when working with documents.