1.1 About Oracle IRM

Oracle Information Rights Management (Oracle IRM, formerly SealedMedia E-DRM) is an information security solution that uses encryption to 'seal' content (documents and emails). Access to the decryption keys is carefully controlled, so that only authorized end users can open and use the sealed content, regardless of where it is stored and used.

Oracle IRM enables authorized users to create and use sealed content transparently within existing desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader and Lotus Notes, without requiring detailed knowledge of keys or passwords. A one-time installation of the Oracle IRM client software, Oracle IRM Desktop, supports current and previous versions of these standard desktop applications, and continues to protect and track sealed documents and emails while they are in use within them.

Oracle IRM also continues to protect and track sealed content when it is stored and used on desktops beyond the firewall of the originating organization. Recipients of sealed documents and emails may be authorized by the originating organization to use them in one or more different ways, including reading them, replying to them, editing them, searching them, copying them, and printing them.

When the originator of a sealed document or email decides that the content is no longer valid, or when the originator decides to change who can use a sealed document or email, the rights can be revoked and the recipient may find that they can no longer read it.