8.1 List of Oracle IRM Fields

The Oracle IRM solution supports a number of fields that you can add to documents before sealing them. When Oracle IRM Desktop opens a document that contains an Oracle IRM field, it transforms the field into the relevant item of information. A document can contain many Oracle IRM fields.

Typically, the following two fields provide a sufficient reminder of the sensitive nature of a document, and the user responsible for opening a particular copy:

  • irm-account-name

  • irm-classification-name

The complete list of Oracle IRM fields that you can consider using is as follows:

  • irm-time

    All fields that end with -time will show Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  • irm-time-local

    All fields that end with -time-local will show the local time, with the number of hours ahead or behind UTC included in parentheses.

  • irm-locale

  • irm-location

  • irm-mime

  • irm-extension

  • irm-account-uuid

  • irm-account-name

  • irm-creation-time

  • irm-creation-time-local

  • irm-edit-time

  • irm-edit-time-local

  • irm-schema-version

  • irm-classification-name

  • irm-classification-description

  • irm-classification-xml

  • irm-classification-keyset

  • irm-classification-system

  • irm-classification-time

  • irm-classification-time-local

  • irm-classification-uri

  • irm-host

  • irm-context-itemcode-value

  • irm-context-itemcode-time

  • irm-context-itemcode-time-local

  • irm-context-uuid

Fields with the former SealedMedia_ and OracleIRM_ name prefixes will continue to be recognized for the foreseeable future.