1.4 Using Help

In addition to the Oracle Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle Imaging and Process Management, you can access help about Oracle I/PM product functionality by using online help, context-sensitive tooltips, and keyboard shortcuts. The following subsections discuss these methods.

1.4.1 Online Help

Click Help in the Oracle I/PM information bar displayed at the top of each page to view general information about the page currently displayed. If you are in a special window or section of a page, click Help to display context-sensitive help information.

1.4.2 Tooltips

When you hover the mouse cursor over a field label or icon in your web browser, context-sensitive information appears.

Figure 1-1 Download Icon Tooltip

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If a field requires a special format, such as a date, click the field to display a tooltip showing an example.

Figure 1-2 Date Format Tooltip

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