3.1 Creating An Electronic Image

Before you can upload a document, it must be in an electronic format such as a TIFF or JPEG image, a PDF file, or a Microsoft Word business document. If your document is not in an electronic format, scan the document to create and capture an electronic image. You can use a desktop scanner or your company may have individuals or a department responsible for scanning all paper documentation.

After it has been scanned and before you can upload, you will need to know where the electronic copy of the document is. If you scanned the document yourself, you likely saved it to your local file system or to a networked file system to which you have access. If the document was scanned by someone else, talk to them to see if it was saved or could be moved to a networked file system to which you have access. You must be able to navigate to the electronic file from within the Oracle I/PM interface in order to upload the file.

3.1.1 Document Capture Options

Oracle offers two solutions for streamlining the capture process for paper and electronic documents:

  • Oracle Document Capture

  • Oracle Distributed Document Capture

Oracle Document Capture supports high volume production scanning from a central location while Oracle Distributed Document Capture provides a web interface that allows distributed enterprises to easily capture images from remote locations. Both solutions offer industry-standard images from document scanners, automated indexing options, flexible implementation methods, and are efficient ways to scan paper-based content into document images for use in Oracle I/PM. Both products are fully integrated with Oracle Imaging and Process Management and Oracle Content Server to provide you with one system to capture, manage, store and electronically retrieve your mission critical business content. For more information about Oracle Document Capture and Oracle Distributed Document Capture, see the Oracle Document Capture web site.