4 Searching for Content

The application used to upload a document associates information with the it that can be used to find the document within Oracle I/PM. The full text of a document can also be used to find it provided that the document is not just a scanned image, but is a document that contains text information, and that the application used to upload it is set to index the full text.

To search for documents in Oracle I/PM, you use a predefined search set up by a user with Search Create permissions. Predefined searches are listed in the Searches panel of the navigator pane. Only searches to which you have view rights are displayed.

Clicking a predefined search in the Searches panel displays a tab in the page region with a search form where you can enter the criteria on which you want to search. For example, a search titled Invoices may allow you to enter an invoice number into the search form and return the invoice you need. The results of the search are listed underneath the original search form in the tab on the page region. Remember, only documents to which you have security access are returned, ensuring that people only have access to what they have rights to see.

A new tab and search form is displayed each time you click on a predefined search in the Searches panel. Clicking a tab brings it to the front of the page region, allowing you to access and compare search results from multiple searches. For example, one tab can be used to search for purchase orders while another tab can be used to search for outstanding invoices. Tabs can be closed manually using the Close Current icon and menu to the right of the tabs. Clicking the Close Current icon closes the active tab. Expanding the Close menu offers the additional options of closing all tabs or all tabs other than the active one.

Searches can be defined to search across multiple applications. For example, a search may be set up that would allow you to search for a purchase order number across three applications: purchase orders, shipping receipts, and invoices. The results would list a purchase order you can view to make sure you ordered a particular item, a shipping receipt to verify the item was received, and an invoice that you can then authorize for payment.


Only users with create permissions can create a search. If you require a specific search to be defined, talk to the person who manages searching in Oracle I/PM.

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