What's New in This Guide

This section identifies the changes made to this guide for this release.

Documentation Changes for Release

The following table shows the sections that have changed or have been added for this release.

Sections New Revised
Chapter 1 Introduction to Building Fusion Web Applications with Oracle ADF
Section 1.3, "Developing with Oracle ADF"   X
Chapter 2 Introduction to the ADF Sample Application
Section 2.5, "Taking a Look at the Fusion Order Demo Application"   X
Chapter 3 Getting Started with ADF Business Components
Section 3.6, "Overview of Groovy Support"   X
Chapter 4 Creating a Business Domain Layer Using Entity Objects    
Section 4.6.3, "How to Define Formatters and Masks" X  
Section 4.8, "Defining Business Logic Groups"   X
Section 4.9.1, "How to Configure Declarative Runtime Behavior"   X
Chapter 5 Defining SQL Queries Using View Objects    
Section, "Converting a Read-Only View Object to Allow Attribute Updates" X  
Section, "Customizing View Object Attribute Display in the Overview Editor" X  
Section 5.11.5, "How to Set User Interface Hints on View Criteria"   X
Section 5.12.3, "How to Specify Multiple LOVs for an LOV-Enabled View Object Attribute" X  
Section 5.12.4, "How to Set User Interface Hints on a View Object LOV-Enabled Attribute"   X
Section 5.12.6, "How to Automatically Refresh the View Object of the View Accessor" X  
Section 5.12.9, "What Happens at Runtime: When an LOV Queries the List Data Source" X  
Chapter 6 Working with View Object Query Results    
Section 6.3.3, "How to Update the Business Component Browser to Display Project Changes" X  
Chapter 7 Defining Validation and Business Rules Declaratively    
Section 7.6.1, "How to Specify Which Attributes Fire Validation"   X
Section 7.6.2, "What Happens When You Constrain Validation Execution with Triggering Attributes"   X
Section 7.7.4, "How to Embed a Groovy Expression in an Error Message"   X
Chapter 8 Implementing Validation and Business Rules Programmatically    
Section 8.12, "Conditionally Preventing an Entity Row from Being Removed"   X
Chapter 9 Implementing Business Services with Application Modules    
Section 9.9.4, "How to Test Custom Service Methods Using the Business Component Browser" X  
Chapter 10 Sharing Application Module View Instances    
Section 10.2.5, "What You May Need to Know About Managing the Number of Shared Query Collections" X  
Section 10.2.6, "What You May Need to Know About Shared Application Modules and Connection Pooling" X  
Chapter 11 Integrating Service-Enabled Application Modules    
Section 11.2.9, "How to Generate Asynchronous Web Service Methods" X  
Section 11.2.13, "How to Secure the Web Service for SOAP Clients"   X
Section 11.2.14, "How to Secure the Web Service for RMI Clients" X  
Section 11.2.16, "How to Enable Support for Binary Attachments for SOAP Clients" X  
Section 11.2.18, "How to Prevent Custom Service Methods from Timing Out" X  
Chapter 12 Using Oracle ADF Model in a Fusion Web Application    
Section 12.2.3, "How to Refresh the Data Controls Panel"   X
Section 12.3.1, "How to Use the Data Controls Panel"   X
Section 12.6.2, "What Happens When JDeveloper Creates a Page Definition File"   X
Chapter 13 Integrating Web Services Into a Fusion Web Application    
Section 13.3, "Creating Web Service Data Controls" X  
Chapter 14 Getting Started with ADF Task Flows    
Section 14.2.4, "What You May Need to Know About Memory Scope for Task Flows"   X
Chapter 15 Working with Task Flow Activities    
Section 15.3.1, "How to Add a URL View Activity to a Task Flow"   X
Section 15.6.6, "What You May Need to Know About Calling a Bounded Task Flow Using a URL"   X
Section 15.10, "Using Task Flow Activities with Page Definition Files" X  
Chapter 16 Using Parameters in Task Flows (NO CHANGES)    
Chapter 17 Using Task Flows as Regions    
Section 17.1.5, "How to Trigger Navigation Outside of an ADF Region's Task Flow"   X
Section 17.1.6, "How to Configure Refreshing of an ADF Region"   X
Section 17.1.8, "How to Configure Activation of an ADF Region"   X
Chapter 18 Creating Complex Task Flows    
Section 18.3, "Managing Transactions"   X
Section 18.7, "Adding Save Points to a Task Flow"   X
Section 18.11, "Creating a Page Hierarchy"   X
Chapter 19 Using Dialogs in Your Application    
Entire chapter is new in this release. X  
Chapter 20 Getting Started with Your Web Interface    
Section 20.2.3, "How to Add a Databound Page Template to a Page Dynamically" X  
Section 20.4.3, "How to Set Managed Bean Memory Scopes in a Server-Cluster Environment" X  
Chapter 21 Understanding the Fusion Page Lifecycle (NO CHANGES)    
Chapter 22 Creating a Basic Databound Page (NO CHANGES)    
Chapter 23 Creating ADF Databound Tables (NO CHANGES)    
Chapter 24 Displaying Master-Detail Data (NO CHANGES)    
Chapter 25 Creating Databound Selection Lists and Shuttles    
Section 25.2, "Creating List of Values (LOV)" (Move from chapter 27)   X
Chapter 26 Creating Databound ADF Data Visualization Components    
Section 26.2, "Creating Databound Graphs"   X
Section 26.2.1, "How to Create a Graph"   X
Section 26.2.4, "How to Create a Databound Sparkchart" X  
Section 26.4, "Creating Databound Pivot Tables"   X
Section 26.4.1, "How to Create a Pivot Table"   X
Section 26.4.2, "What Happens When You Use the Data Controls Panel to Create a Pivot Table"   X
Section 26.4.3, "What You May Need to Know About Aggregating Attributes in the Pivot Table"   X
Section 26.4.4, "What You May Need to Know About Specifying an Initial Sort for a Pivot Table"   X
Section 26.7, "Creating Databound Hierarchy Viewers"   X
Section 26.7.3, "How to Create a Databound Search in a Hierarchy Viewer" X  
Chapter 27 Creating ADF Databound Search Forms (NO CHANGES)    
Chapter 28 Creating More Complex Pages    
Section 28.6, "Using the ADF Faces Carousel Component" X  
Section 28.7, "Creating Contextual Events"   X
Chapter 29 Designing a Page Using Placeholder Data Controls (NO CHANGES)
Chapter 30 Enabling ADF Security in a Fusion Web Application    
Section 30.4, "Creating Application Roles"   X
Section 30.6, "Creating Test Users"   X
Section 30.7.5, "What You May Need to Know About ADF Servlet Logout and Browser Caching" X  
Section 30.11.1, "Using Expression Language (EL) with ADF Security"   X
Chapter 31 Testing and Debugging ADF Components    
Section 31.5, "Using the ADF Logger" X  
Section 31.5.4, "How to Use the Log Analyzer" X  
Section 31.6, "Using the Business Component Browser for Testing and Debugging" X  
Section 31.8, "Setting ADF Declarative Breakpoints"   X
Chapter 32 Refactoring a Fusion Web Application (NO CHANGES)    
Chapter 33 Reusing Application Components    
Section 33.2.3, "How to Place and Access JDeveloper JAR Files" X  
Chapter 34 Customizing Applications with MDS    
Section 34.1.2, "Static and Dynamic Customization Content"   X
Section, "Customization Classes"   X
Section, "Implementing the getValue() Method in Your Customization Class"   X
Section 34.2.8, "What You May Need to Know About Customizable Objects and Applications"   X
Section 34.3.2, "How to Switch to the Customization Developer Role in JDeveloper"   X
Section 34.3.8, "What Happens When You Customize ADF Library Artifacts"   X
Section 34.3.9, "Packaging and Deploying Customized Applications"   X
Chapter 35 Allowing User Customizations at Runtime    
Section 35.1, "Introduction to Allowing User Customizations"   X
Section 35.4.1, "How to Implement User Customizations on a JSF Page"   X
Chapter 36 Deploying Fusion Web Applications    
Section 36.3.6, "How to Enable the Application for ADF MBeans" X  
Section, "Enabling the Application for Real User Experience Insight" X  
Section, "Applications That Will Run Using Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO)" X  
Chapter 37 Advanced Business Components Techniques (NO CHANGES)
Chapter 38 Advanced Entity Object Techniques    
Section 38.2, "Updating a Deleted Flag Instead of Deleting Rows"   X
Section 38.5.3, "Centralizing Details for PL/SQL-Based Entities into a Base Class"   X
Section 38.5.4, "Implementing the Stored Procedure Calls for DML Operations"   X
Section 38.7.2, "How to Create Entity Objects in an Inheritance Hierarchy"   X
Section 38.7.4, "What You May Need to Know About Using Inheritance"   X
Chapter 39 Advanced View Object Techniques (NO CHANGES)    
Chapter 40 Application State Management    
Section, "Controlling the Schema Where the State Management Table Resides"   X
Chapter 41 Tuning Application Module Pools and Connection Pools    
Section 41.2.8, "What You May Need to Know About Data Source Configuration" X  
Chapter 42 Using the Active Data Service    
Entire chapter contains new and revised content in this release.   X
Appendix A Oracle ADF XML Files    
Section A.8, "pageNamePageDef.xml"   X
Appendix B Oracle ADF Binding (NO CHANGES)    
Appendix C Oracle ADF Permission Grants (NO CHANGES)    
Appendix D ADF Equivalents of Common Oracle Forms Triggers (NO CHANGES)
Appendix E Most Commonly Used ADF Business Components Methods (NO CHANGES)
Appendix F ADF Business Components Java EE Design Pattern Catalog (NO CHANGES)
Appendix G Performing Common Oracle Forms Tasks in Oracle ADF (NO CHANGES)
Appendix H Data Controls in Oracle ADF Fusion    
Entire appendix is new in this release. X