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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Portlet Development Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal
10g Release 3 (10.3.2)

Part Number E14244-04
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15 Adding a Third-Party Portlet

This chapter discusses special-purpose portlets that are provided by WebLogic Portal and partner companies that you can easily incorporate into your portal.

15.1 Using the Collaboration Portlets

WebLogic Portal provides a set of portlets for adding collaborative features to your portal. For detailed information on how to use the collaboration portlets, see Chapter 16, "Using the Collaboration Portlets."

15.2 Autonomy Portlets

If you want to use Autonomy Corporation's search functionality, you can purchase a license from Autonomy Corporation.

For more information about Autonomy, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Autonomy Search Integration Sample Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal.

15.3 Documentum Portlets

EMC Documentum has partnered with Oracle to offer EMC Documentum Content Services for Oracle Weblogic Portal. This product provides a packaged set of Documentum functionality exposed through the Oracle WebLogic Portal infrastructure, allowing users to access and interact with all types of enterprise content including web pages, documents, and rich media such as audio and video.

From a portlet development perspective, a key feature of this product is the inclusion of Documentum portlets—application components that expose standardized, enhanced content management user functions through the portal interface.

Documentum portlets expose four key applications:

See the Documentum web site for more information on Documentum portlets for WebLogic Portal

15.4 MobileAware Portlets

Oracle Communication and Mobility Server provides a standards-based, non-proprietary environment that extends Oracle WebLogic deployments to offer multichannel mobile services in significantly reduced time frames. Enterprises can broaden the effectiveness of business-critical systems for employees and customers, and mobile carriers can rapidly deploy new, data-centric services, without the need for re-training and re-tooling.

For more information about Oracle Communication and Mobility Server and how to use it with WebLogic Portal, see the product documentation on Oracle Technology Network (OTN) .