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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Security Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal
10g Release 3 (10.3.2)

Part Number E14251-03
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Part IV


The production phase is the time that you make small changes to your production environment. Security tasks might include changing your authentication provider settings or making modifications to visitor entitlement roles, adding a small number of users or groups, and other maintenance tasks.Some security tasks you can do in the production phase might include the following:

If you add or modify visitor entitlements to your portal application in the production phase, you must return to the staging phase to test the functionality you created. This staging environment simulates a production environment. The production phase can be ongoing; some changes to your portal's functionality might even require you to return to the development phase and redeploy your portal application. Then you can move to the staging phase to test your changes and back to the production phase.In the production phase, you might also modify users or groups or interaction management settings and queries. For information on configuring users and groups, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware User Management Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal. For information on interaction management settings and queries, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Interaction Management Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal.