Oracle Fusion Middleware JSP Tag Java API Reference for Oracle WebLogic Portal
10g Release 3 (10.3.2)

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Tag getNode


Select a Node based upon its path and place it in a script variable for use. For example: <cm:getNode path="/WLP Repository/Corporate/quarterly presentation"/> or simply <cm:getNode/> if used in conjunction with the <cm:setNode/> tag.


This example uses CM Display Templates and the <cm:getNode/> tag.
This illustrates how we can consistently pass a node into our cm display template and then within that template use the <cm:getNode/> tag to get the node and display its properties.

    foo.jsp (a jsp that makes use of the cm templates)
        // This is just one example of getting a node from cm.  The node could be retrieved
        // in many different ways and will be specific to the users actual use case.
        Node contentNode = nodeManager.getNode(new ContentContext(), "/WLP Repository/exampleNode");
        pageContext.setAttribute("ourContentNode", contentNode);

    <dt:displaycmtemplate node="${ourContentNode}" resourceName="${}"
       view="WLP Default Single Property"/>

    cmTempateExample.jsp (the jsp that is used as the cm display template)
    <cm:getNode id="templateNode"/>
    <c:forEach items="${}" var="property">
        <b>${}:</b> = ${property.value}

Tag Information
Tag Classcom.bea.content.manager.servlets.jsp.taglib.GetNodeTag
TagExtraInfo Classcom.bea.content.manager.servlets.jsp.taglib.GetNodeTagExtraInfo
Body Contentempty
Display NameGet Node

pathfalsetrue The path of the Node to get. Must start with "/" + the repository name. If the path is not specified, then the tag will attempt to retrive the node from the common cm request attribute. This would be the case if the node was set using the setNode tag, or if it was set through the display template tags.
idtruefalse The name of the script variable where the Node will be placed.
failOnErrorfalsetrue True to throw a JspTagException if any error occurs; false to return a null on error. Defaults to false.
useCachefalsetrue Set to true if Node should be cached at the webapp level. Searches are generally automatically cached at the RepositoryManager level. This can be used for more controlled caching. Defaults to false.
cacheScopefalsetrue The scope to cache the results at. Can be either "application", "request", "page", or "session". Defaults to "session".
cacheIdfalsetrue The id for the cached Node. Defaults to the id attribute.
cacheTimeoutfalsetrue The number of milliseconds to keep the cached results. Defaults to never expire cache entries.

No Variables Defined.

Oracle Fusion Middleware JSP Tag Java API Reference for Oracle WebLogic Portal
10g Release 3 (10.3.2)

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