Oracle Fusion Middleware JSP Tag Java API Reference for Oracle WebLogic Portal
10g Release 3 (10.3.2)

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Search for Nodes based upon a query syntax string and place them in a script variable for use, or in the session for pagination. For the query syntax, please consult the portal documentation on the edocs website and the javadoc for the com.bea.content.expression.Search object. This can be used to find all nodes at the root of the repository with a node name greater than Content2-1, such as nodes Content2-2, Content4-5, etc. Please look at com.bea.content.expression.ExpressionHelper.parse(...) method for more details on how the query is parsed.


<cm:search query="cm_path like '/Content?' || cm_nodeName >= 'Content2-1'"/>

Tag Information
Tag Classcom.bea.content.manager.servlets.jsp.taglib.SearchTag
TagExtraInfo Classcom.bea.content.manager.servlets.jsp.taglib.SearchTagExtraInfo
Body Contentempty
Display NameSearch

maxfalsetrue The maximum number of Nodes to return from the search. Less than 0 signifies returning all matches.
sortInMemoryfalsefalse Permits sorting on implicit properties. Sorting on nested or multivalued properties is not supported. Defaults to false.
queryfalsetrue The query to execute the search for. This is used if the expression isn't specified. This is what most will use as a String. Defaults to null.
expressionfalsetrue The com.bea.p13n.expression.Expression to execute the search for. Defaults to null.
idtruefalse The name of the script variable to contain the array of com.bea.content.Node objects found. Cannot be null.
failOnErrorfalsetrue True to throw a JspTagException if any error occurs; false to return an empty array on error. Defaults to false.
contextParamsfalsetrue The search context parameters. Either the java.util.Map or comma-separated list of name=value pairs to pass along with the search request. These are simply parameters passed to the search engine that may be required to fulfill the request. It is based on the repository implementation. Defaults to null.
useCachefalsetrue Set to true if the search results should be cached at the webapp level. Searches are generally automatically cached at the RepositoryManager level. This can be used for more controlled caching. Defaults to false.
cacheScopefalsetrue The scope to cache the results at. Can be either "application", "request", "page", or "session". Defaults to "session".
cacheIdfalsetrue The id for the cached results. Defaults to the id attribute.
cacheTimeoutfalsetrue The number of milliseconds to keep the cached results. Defaults to forever.
searchPathsfalsetrue The comma-delimited repository search paths on which to execute the query. Defaults to null, which will search all nodes in all repositories.
sortByfalsetrue A list of content properties to sort the content by. The syntax follows the SQL 'order by' clause. Sorting on nested or multivalued properties is not supported for this release. Defaults to null, which is unsorted.
versionedContentfalsetrue Determines if the content query should search the versioned repository and return versions. Defaults to false.

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Oracle Fusion Middleware JSP Tag Java API Reference for Oracle WebLogic Portal
10g Release 3 (10.3.2)

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