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Class JTATransactionBroker

  extended by oracle.adfinternal.model.adapter.toplink.TransactionBroker
      extended by oracle.adfinternal.model.adapter.toplink.JTATransactionBroker

public class JTATransactionBroker
extends TransactionBroker

This class describes a TransactionBroker that uses a JTA-shared transaction model. Instead of acquiring a UnitOfWork from the Sesssion and using isolated transaction space, this TransactionBroker always delagates to the Session to use the JTA transaction. This type of TransactionBroker is employed when the given Session indicates a shared, JTA transaction. Using a shared, JTA transaction is useful when the data control is one of many services used in a shared transaction application.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class oracle.adfinternal.model.adapter.toplink.TransactionBroker
Constructor Summary
JTATransactionBroker(oracle.toplink.sessions.Session session, int brokerType, boolean shouldPerformDeletesFirst, boolean shouldSequenceOnCreate)
          Creates a new TransactionBroker instance.
Method Summary
 oracle.toplink.sessions.UnitOfWork getUnitOfWork()
          Returns the JTA UnitOfWork from the Session.
protected  void releaseUnitOfWork()
          Releases the shared UnitOfWork indicated by the Session.
protected  void resetUnitOfWork()
          Only releases the shared UnitOfWork.
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Constructor Detail


public JTATransactionBroker(oracle.toplink.sessions.Session session,
                            int brokerType,
                            boolean shouldPerformDeletesFirst,
                            boolean shouldSequenceOnCreate)
Creates a new TransactionBroker instance.

applicationBindingContext - - BindingContext unique to this application instance.
session - - TopLink Session for this application instance.
brokerType - - describes the mode of operation with regards to the underlying TL Session.
shouldPerformDeletesFirst - - determines whether the UnitOfWork in this TransactionBroker should perform deletes first pn commit.
Method Detail


public oracle.toplink.sessions.UnitOfWork getUnitOfWork()
Returns the JTA UnitOfWork from the Session.

Specified by:
getUnitOfWork in class TransactionBroker


protected void resetUnitOfWork()
Only releases the shared UnitOfWork.

Specified by:
resetUnitOfWork in class TransactionBroker


protected void releaseUnitOfWork()
Releases the shared UnitOfWork indicated by the Session.

Specified by:
releaseUnitOfWork in class TransactionBroker

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11g Release 2 (


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