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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle ADF Faces
11g Release 2 (
Class HelpProvider

  extended by

Direct Known Subclasses:
ELHelpProvider, ResourceBundleHelpProvider

public abstract class HelpProvider
extends java.lang.Object

A HelpProvider instance provides the help for an application. It is configured in META-INF/adf-settings.xml.

There can be many HelpProviders per application; each one is registered against a unique prefix. A particular HelpProvider will only be called to produce help for help-topicIds that start with the prefix under which the HelpProvider was registered.

If the prefix attribute is missing, or is empty, then the HelpProvider will be registered as a special default HelpProvider. It will be used to produce help for help-topicIds that cannot be matched with any other HelpProvider. Only one default HelpProvider is permitted.

All prefixes under which HelpProviders are registered must be unique. At this time, it is also not permissible for one prefix to begin with the same characters of another prefix. For example, if HelpProviders have already been registered for the two prefixes - "AAB" and "AC", then the following prefixes are all illegal and will cause an exception to be thrown at registration time: "AABC", "A", "AA", "AC", "ACB". However, the following are legal: "AAD", "AB", etc ...

Any number of parameters may be passed into the HelpProvider instance at registration time. This is done similar to the way parameters are passed into managed-beans. Here is an example where a HelpProvider (with one parameter) is registered in adf-config.xml :

 <adf-settings xmlns="">
  <adf-faces-config xmlns="">
   <help-provider prefix="MYAPP">
     <help-provider-class> oracle.adfdemo.view.webapp.MyHelpProvider </help-provider-class>

In the above example, MyHelpProvider must extend this class and have a public constructor with no parameters. It must also have the following method:

 public void setMyCustomProperty(String arg)

In the above example, this method will be called with "someValue" as the arg.

Also note that MyHelpProvider will be called for all help-topicIds that start with "MYAPP".

Constructor Summary


Method Summary
abstract  HelpTopic getHelpTopic(javax.faces.context.FacesContext context, javax.faces.component.UIComponent component, java.lang.String topicId)
          Gets the HelpTopic for the given topicId.


Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


public HelpProvider()

Method Detail


public abstract HelpTopic getHelpTopic(javax.faces.context.FacesContext context,
                                       javax.faces.component.UIComponent component,
                                       java.lang.String topicId)
Gets the HelpTopic for the given topicId.
component - the component that this HelpTopic is for. This may be null. Help implementors may provide different help depending on the component state, eg: when the component is disabled.

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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle ADF Faces
11g Release 2 (

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