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Class IdeStarter

  extended by oracle.ide.IdeStarter

public abstract class IdeStarter
extends java.lang.Object

The interface for the starter of a command to be executed in a running IDE. Typically, an IdeStarter is paired with an IdeRunner. The starter starts the IDE; the runner executes the command once the IDE is initialized (two classes are required because of differences in class loader context). The starter object is passed to the runner to allow the starter to pass data to the runner.

The actual IdeRunner and IdeStarter implementation classes to use are typically specified in the .conf file; the IDE launcher chooses the .conf file based on the first argument of the command line.

The primary responsibility of an IdeStarter is to start the IDE core which is passed to it. However, for the sake of responsiveness, it is expected that a starter will not start the IDE before verifying command line arguments, or if it only needs to print usage.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  void startIde(java.lang.String command, java.lang.String[] arguments, IdeCore core)
          Starts the IDE.
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Constructor Detail


public IdeStarter()
Method Detail


public abstract void startIde(java.lang.String command,
                              java.lang.String[] arguments,
                              IdeCore core)
Starts the IDE. A minimal implementation of this method is:

An implementation may choose not to start the IDE; to exit immediately, it should invoke System.exit(int) explicitly.

command - The command which specified this starter, or "ide" if none.
arguments - The command line arguments after the command.
core - The IdeCore to start.

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