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Package oracle.ide.config

Contains classes encapsulating JDevelopers's environment settings.


Class Summary
ChangeEventSource Implements the registry of ChangeListeners.
ClientSetting The ClientSetting class provides a default object store that can be used to save and open extension specific data.
DocumentExtensions Deprecated. not replaced; file type settings are not for public consumption.
DocumentExtensions.DocRecord DocRecord class.
DocumentExtensions.ExtInfo ExtInfo class.
DTCache The DTCache is a persisted cache that can be used to store data that is not user-configurable.
EnvironOptions This class stores the IDE environment options.
FileAssociations Accessor methods for setting file associations in the Windows Registry.
FileTypesRecognizer A Recognizer class for custom file type mappings that also provides extensions with consolidated information on file type registrations.
GlobalIgnoreList This class stores the IDE Global Ignore list.
IdeSettings IdeSettings provides access to the preferences framework.
IdeSettingsMigrator Migrator responsible for migrating user IDE keystroke settings from a previous installation to the current installation.
PlatformProperties This class is used internally by the framework to overload IDE properties with platform specific values.
PreferenceDefaultsHook Hook for preference defaults customization.
Preferences Class that represents shapeable Preferences.
ProjectDefaultsHook Hook for project defaults customization.
RegisteredDynamicNode Deprecated. not replaced.
SettingsCustomizations Provides access to settings customizations registered by a product or role.
SettingsFieldCustomizations Customizations for a specific field.
SettingsPageCustomizationHelper A helper for handling settings page customization.
SettingsUIRegistry The settings UI registry provides access to information gathered from extension manifests and roles about settings UI.
SplashScreenOptions Utility class to get and set the display status of the oracle.ide.controls.SplashScreen.

Package oracle.ide.config Description

Contains classes encapsulating JDevelopers's environment settings. Addins can extends these settings with their own.

Related Documentation

See Extending JDeveloper Using the Addin API for detailed information.

Example of an option bean

package mypackage;

import oracle.ide.config.ChangeEventSource;
import oracle.ide.util.Copyable;

public class MyConfigOptions extends ChangeEventSource
    implements Copyable
  public static final String KEY = "MyConfigOptions";

  private boolean _myOption;

  public boolean getMyOption()
    return _myOption;

  public void setMyOption( boolean myOption )
    _myOption = myOption;

  public Object copyTo( Object target )
    final MyConfigOptions other = ( target != null ) ? (MyConfigOptions) target: new MyConfigOptions();


    return other;

Example of an option panel

package mypackage;

import java.awt.BorderLayout;
import javax.swing.JCheckBox;
import oracle.ide.Ide;
import oracle.ide.config.IdeSettings;
import oracle.ide.panels.DefaultTraversablePanel;
import oracle.ide.panels.Navigable;
import oracle.ide.panels.TraversableContext;

public class MyConfigPanel extends DefaultTraversablePanel
  private JCheckBox _myCheckBox;

  public static final void registerPanel()
    IdeSettings ideSettings = Ide.getSettings();
    if ( ideSettings.getData(MyConfigOptions.KEY) == null )
      ideSettings.putData(MyConfigOptions.KEY, new MyConfigOptions());

    Navigable myNavigable = new Navigable("My Options", MyConfigPanel.class);

    // To register a top level panel

//  To register a child of another Navigable:
//  Navigable parentNavigable = null;
//  parentNavigable.addChildNavigable(myNavigable);

  public MyConfigPanel()
    setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    _myCheckBox = new JCheckBox("My Option:", true);
    add(_myCheckBox, BorderLayout.CENTER);

  public void onEntry( TraversableContext tc )
    final MyConfigOptions options = (MyConfigOptions) tc.find( MyConfigOptions.KEY );

  public void onExit( TraversableContext tc )
    final MyConfigOptions options =(MyConfigOptions) tc.find( MyConfigOptions.KEY );


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11g Release 2 (


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